My current body of drawings are a combination of pen, ink, acrylic and colored pencil on mylar. The mylar creates a deep, milky, smooth, white space in which each form levitates and creates the illusion of existing in 3-dimensions. The drawings evoke an Alien or ancient form combined with a hybrid of plant, animal, and human forms. The movement and repetition in the drawings create fractal like structures that are abundant in nature. Evolution is alluded to in the work, as each form is an organic hybrid of various forms of life, depicted in a state of transformation and metamorphosis . The insect-like bodies appear to be evolving braids resulting in a human shape, dissolving the distinction between plant, animal, and human forms and fusing abstract and figurative elements. The result reflects the evolutionary process of beginning with the simplest, one celled organism evolving into the various complex expressions of life.




Architecture by TAKT.