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My paintings represent a microcosmic view of the macrocosm. The process is a record of it’s own making, fluidity and motion frozen in time.

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I am happy to work with you on creating a painting in the size and colors you would like.

Please click on the CONTACT button and send me a request for the commission. Please be specific in terms of the size you want and the colors. All paintings are acrylic on canvas. I will promptly respond with an estimate. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.


Prints of Paintings on magnet mounted Steel

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Judit Csotsits is a Fine Artist and Designer living in Los Angeles. Her paintings and drawings have been included in numerous exhibitions at the following venues: MOAH, Palm Desert Art Museum, Avran Fine Art, Hale Fine Art, Sylvia White Gallery, Irvine Fine Art Center, among others.






Judy Csotsits’s works can be best described as aqueous. It connotes fluidity, of seamless motion, but also a unique kind of motion. While we are dealing with a uniform body with water, its slipperiness and ability to morph into endless contortions gives it a rarefied place in the natural world, despite its ostensible abundance on Planet Earth.
— Joseph hazani


My drawings represent the idea of the hybrid using a detailed style, Much like botanical studies or insect illustrations for science books.


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