My paintings reflect my interest in nature and the creative/destructive forces present throughout the cosmos. The interaction of chemicals and the fluidity that creates an organic life form are the same processes of nature that carve out planets and continents . The paintings also reflect fractal patterns, which are patterns left behind due to unpredictable natural processes. The branching of trees, the veins of a hand, water moving and twisting through canals and riverbeds are a few examples.

 The paintings create a tension between the effect of gravity on the paint and the use of controlled intention behind the flow. They are a metaphor for Nature's force, as well as my reflections on the beauty of planet earth from an aerial perspective and a microscopic one. They can be waves, the movement of land masses, or the circulating of blood in an organism. In my view, the Universe is a living whole where all beings coexist and share the one life breathing throughout the Cosmos.For inquires regarding the paintings please contact:Avran Fine Art Phone (949) 494-0900 email:




Paintings by Judit Csotsits 2017